Application Processes


10-minute application

                                        Fill out a quick application, upload your resume, and introductory video

Interview with our recruiters

                                        After reviewing your application materials,Our friendly consultants will call you and schedule a time for an video interview

Speak to your ideal schools

                                        Where am I ending up and going to work with? How those people are looks like and how is the environment? How is the children’s behavior? What is the mentality that those people have? Are they having the same ideal or logic to educate the young learners as mine? What if I don’t like the school? What if the school doesn’t like me? What do I do every day? How will they expect me to perform? Find it out while speaking to them.

Accepting the offer

                                        After the 2nd interview with schools, if both school and you are happy to work with each other, we will send you an job offer with 7 working days. Please send back the signed job offer as soon as possible.


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