Arrive in China

Will the winter become extreme? Can I bring my pets? What medicine support that I might need before I come and what kind of medicine support that I might receive from China? How much money do I need to have upfront before I start working? What if my phone is blocked or the internet does not work?

TD Education provides a set of services to make you feel more at home while you're in China. Our people explain everything to you: Jobs, cities, benefits, packages, contract and visa processing all before you arrive. Arrangement for the incoming flight, air port pick up and settlement is arranged up front. Other amenities such as hotel room, bank cards, Sim cards and housing is also taken care of. Orientation training and teacher training is essential for the beginner and later on this will become a weekly event. This isn't just training, it's also a chance for people and coworkers to get together and meet up, share experiences, become a community-member to help each other and to explore this adventure together. The local coordinator will arrange and plan for the training, as well as cultural experience chances. They provide feedback between you and the school to make your work experience much easier. Please speak to our local coordinator for more information.

Great opportunities from China

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